Well it looks like we will have to wait another year for our Vancouver Canucks to hoist the Stanley Cup.  It seems like a seven game series took a mental and physical toll on the team.  Most of the top line was playing injured, suspended or otherwise unable to perform to the usual Vancouver Canucks skill set that we have been used to all year.  The power play was negated by the stifling defence of Boston and especially the Boston Goalie, Tim Thomas.  We will have to wait and see how the Canucks management will add to the team to be able to beat teams like Boston next year.

On the down side of game seven was the riot caused by belligerent fans fuelled by alcohol and misguided anger.  It seems like a few people chose to ignite a riot to accomplish a personal agenda. This is not the Vancouver that captivated the world during the Olympics 2010 --- this is a segment of society trying to get noticed by causing a riot.  This type of behaviour will cause the City of Vancouver to limit public gatherings at celebratory events in the future.