Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever wanted to improve your smile? Do you have unsightly "gray" metal fillings, chipped teeth, stained or discolored teeth? If you want to improve your smile we have the tools and techniques to "brighten" and "whiten" your teeth. We are trained and equipped to do:

  • Mercury free fillings — composite fillings
  • All porcelain crowns
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • ZOOM Bleaching ($550)

Our office is equipped to deliver mercury free fillings if requested. These metal free fillings are made of a plastic resin that is cured by a high intensity light. Now you can have your unsightly metal fillings removed and replaced with mercury free resin fillings. Resin fillings are typically bonded in place so less tooth structure needs to be removed to hold the material in.

Have you noticed people with front crowns that have an unsightly "black" line? These lines are the result of a metal core used to make the crown. Now you can have all porcelain front crowns that do not have the black metal line. Ask us about the Empress All Porcelain Crown at your next visit.

Are you tired of your chipped, discolored and misaligned front teeth? There is a solution! Porcelain veneers are a state of the art treatment to improve your smile.

Porcelain veneers are thin wafers of porcelain that are custom made to bond over your teeth. Basically the procedure goes like this:

  1. An initial consult, study models and photographs are obtained.
  2. You and your dentist will decide on how best to improve your smile, it could range from a shade change to closing gaps to changing the shape of the teeth
  3. You will then be appointed to prepare the teeth. For optimum results, 0.3 - 0.5mm needs to be trimmed from the front of the teeth. A few cases may need no trimming but these are limited. A mold is taken of the prepared teeth
  4. The mold is sent to the cosmetic lab to make your veneers
  5. Temporaries are usually provided
  6. At you delivery date the temporaries will be removed and the veneers are tried in
  7. If the veneers are ideal in every way they will be permanently bonded to your teeth

With due care your veneers will last for years to come. Ask us how to improve your smile with porcelain veneers!!

ZOOM Bleaching ($550): Our office at Marine way is now equipped with the ZOOM II Light as advertised on Extreme Makeover!! Your smile can be whitened in about 1 ½ hrs. Come in for a consult today to see if ZOOM will work for you.

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