IMPLANT Dentistry

The new exciting field of implant dentistry has helped our patients to have natural replacements of missing teeth.

With the advent of implants there is no need today to be without natural teeth. Dental implants are a surgical grade titanium appliance that is placed in the jaw bone. There is a special coating on the implant that allows the implant to integrate with the jaw bone. In other words the implant becomes part of the jaw. A dental implant is as close to the natural teeth as possible. A dental implant becomes the missing "root" of the tooth. It helps to preserve the remaining bone and functions like a real tooth.

The steps involved in replacing a missing tooth with an implant are:

  1. Consultation with the dentist
  2. Referral to a surgeon to place the implant. We are currently working on obtaining an in house surgeon to place implants at our Marine Way office. Stay tuned for further info.
  3. Once the implant is placed, there is a 3 to 4 month healing period
  4. After the healing has occurred the implant is uncovered
  5. The dentist will place a fitting over the implant and take a mold of the implant
  6. The mold is sent to the dental lab where the implant crown is made
  7. Once the crown is made you will be appointed to fit the crown.
  8. The implant crown is secured by a titanium screw that is tightened by a special torque driver made specifically for dental implants.